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Vintage Side Board

Vintage Side Board

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Introducing the Vintage Sideboard – a generously sized and meticulously designed piece that exudes timeless elegance. Crafted with a blend of wood, stainless steel holders, and a marble top, this sideboard strikes the perfect balance between rustic charm and modern sophistication. Each element of the design complements the others, creating a harmonious blend that seamlessly integrates with any existing furniture in your home. The Vintage Sideboard emanates a sense of calm and relaxation while elegantly decorating your chosen room, adding a touch of refined beauty to your living space. Elevate your interior decor with this exquisite piece and experience the perfect harmony of style and functionality.


  • Door open sideways. 
  • 3 shelves on each side



Material : Marble, Wood, Stainless Steel

Size : 91 CM x 48 CM x 18 CM 

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