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Mane's Sculpture

Mane's Sculpture

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Discover Mane's Sculpture, a profound exploration of human connection and generational dynamics captured in exquisite form. This sculpture features two torsos, one larger and one smaller, intricately crafted to convey a narrative of mentorship and growth. The larger torso, with its smooth contours and warm hues, symbolizes experience and wisdom, while the smaller, lighter-colored torso in front represents youth and potential. Together, they create a visually compelling dialogue, illustrating the passage of knowledge and the enduring bond between generations. Perfect for enriching any space with its elegance and storytelling, Mane's Sculpture invites contemplation and admiration for the complexities of human relationships and the beauty of sculptural artistry.


Material: Resin


Size: H24.5 CM x L19 CM x W10 CM (Position as in first picture)

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