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Vers Coffee Table

Vers Coffee Table

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Introducing the Vers Coffee Table, a stunning piece crafted entirely from premium travertine. This elegant coffee table exemplifies the perfect balance between modern sophistication and natural beauty. The Vers Coffee Table features a smooth, polished surface that highlights the unique veining and texture of the travertine, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

Designed with clean lines and a minimalist silhouette, the Vers Coffee Table effortlessly complements any living space, from contemporary to classic interiors. Its sturdy construction ensures durability while maintaining a refined aesthetic that elevates your home's decor.

Whether used as a centerpiece for your living room or as a stylish accent in a seating area, the Vers Coffee Table is a testament to timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship. Transform your space with this luxurious addition and experience the blend of functionality and artistry that only Luna Lucia Designs can offer.


 Material  Travertine 

Small - H25 CM x L55 CM x W55 CM

Medium - H37 CM x L55 CM x W55 CM

Large - H49 CM x L55 CM x W55 CM




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